What dangers do cyclists face at night?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents |

It may seem like there are fewer dangers of riding a bike at night because there is less traffic. However, there are still many dangers that cyclists can face. Some of these dangers are more prevalent at night. 

Here are a few dangers of riding a bike at night:

Drunk drivers

Alcohol impairs drivers’ senses. A drunk driver may struggle to judge distances between them and options and see objects in their peripheral view and the dark. Drunk drivers pose a serious thought to people on bikes. In 2020, nearly a thousand bike accidents were fatal, with a tenth of the fatal crashes involving drunk drivers. Inebriated drivers likely pose a greater threat to cyclists past midnight and around bars when drivers are more likely to go home. 

Drowsy drivers

Drowsiness while driving is a more serious threat than people realize. People can become tired before or while driving, which can have similar effects as if they were drunk. A drowsy driver may struggle to stay awake, stay within traffic lines and make safe judgments. Drivers are more likely to be tired at night, which can endanger cyclists who are out for a midnight ride.

Distracted drivers

Inattention while driving is a growing problem. Drivers who use their phones, for example, while in motion have an increased risk of causing accidents. Phone use and other kinds of distractions can cause a driver to look away from the road or take their hands off the wheel. At night, distracted driving can lower a driver’s focus on their surroundings, which may cause them to miss spotting a cyclist. 

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