Product Liability

Few people expect to get injured or killed using products in the way they were intended to be used. Products released into the stream of commerce must be reliable and safe. A person injured by a defective product can seek compensation for their injuries.

The process of obtaining that compensation can only be undertaken by a knowledgeable product liability lawyer.

What Is Product and Manufacturer Litigation Liability?

A product can be defective because of its design or flawed manufacturing. A damaged or defective part may have been used in the product’s construction. Or it could have been damaged anywhere along the chain of commerce, from design, to manufacturing, to distribution, to sales. All parties in that chain are liable for the harm caused by a defective product. Product liability happens anywhere a defective product harms someone.

When Is Compensation Owed?

Compensation is not automatic when the malfunction of a product leads to harm. Injured parties must rely on their attorney’s skill in maximizing their recovery.

How Much Compensation Can a Consumer Expect?

Financial harms include lost wages, medical bills, repairs to other property and property loss are all included in calculating compensation. Emotional harms include pain and suffering, grief, anxiety, depression, humiliation and more. Both types of harms are recoverable, whether they occurred in the past, or are anticipated in the future.

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