Published Articles

It is Time to Harmonize the UM Statute with the Three Feet for Safety Act

By Joshua Cohen / July 2016
Bicyclists injured by cars need the security of UM coverage, but they don’t need the physical-contact test.

The Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance

By Joshua Cohen / July 2014
A civil cause of action for cyclists harassed by motorists – and a $1,000 remedy in Los Angeles.

Video Evidence: Finding It, Securing It And Getting It Admitted

By Joshua Cohen / March 2016
Video evidence is gold in personal injury cases; make certain you turn over every stone to find it.


L.A. Faces Skyrocketing Costs for Lawsuits over Bike Crashes

February 3, 2018
Faced with a string of lawsuits over grisly crashes, the city of Los Angeles paid out more than $19 million last year to cyclists and their families…

Cycle of Disrepair

November 17, 2017
Los Angeles has some of the worst streets in America and the degradation and disrepair is costing the city millions in costly personal injury claims. What’s being done to fix L.A.’s roadways and the costly litigation?

Will a New Law Make Drivers Bicycle-Friendly?

September 17, 2014
Riding a bike in metropolitan traffic can be taking your life in your hands. But a new rule for the roads of California went into effect this week: Motorists have to give cyclists a 3-foot buffer zone.