Who We Are: Giving Back

Our firm cares deeply about fighting vigorously on behalf of victims of bicycle accidents and other personal injury cases. It is a constitutional right to seek justice when you have been hurt — but also a necessary tool to seek change in our communities and protect others from future harm. At Cohen Law Partners, we believe in becoming a part of the solution to keep the roads safer for cyclists in Los Angeles.

Josh Cohen is more than your average personal injury attorney: He is a bicycle injury specialist with an outstanding track record. With Josh, you get much more than a good lawyer – you get a person on your side who truly understands the dangers cyclists face on the road. When he is not cycling to work or seeking justice for bicycle accident victims, he advocates for better cycling infrastructure as a board member of the California Bicycle Coalition, as a member of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and as a member of the League of American Bicyclists. He has lobbied for better bicycling legislation, funding and infrastructure at the municipal, state and federal levels. We believe cycling is an issue of sustainability, not just a sport or hobby. We take bicycle advocacy to a whole other level!

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