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How likely are dog bite injuries in California?

It is difficult to get over injuries compared to the effort it takes to avoid them. From construction zones to mass transit vehicles, there are plenty of potential causes for injuries in California. One of the most serious causes that has required its own legislation to protect residents is attacks by domestic animals.

How dangerous are animal attacks in California?

Pedestrian injuries in Sunnyvale appear intentional


When a pedestrian is struck by a car in California, it is almost always an accident. Prosecutors like district attorneys may decide not to pursue criminal charges against the drivers of these cars. Whether this is the case, a lawsuit for financial damages in civil court is an option for people who suffered in these collisions.

It appears the injuries that occurred in Sunnyvale when a 34-year-old male driver struck several pedestrians were no accident, according to law enforcement authorities in the Santa Clara County city. A police report shows the driver admitted to hitting the people on purpose when he accelerated his car into a crosswalk.

Are self-driving cars as safe as human drivers for pedestrians?


Laws have generally followed technological developments that need regulation. The U.S. government was well-prepared to put safety requirements on cars and planes, while some would claim it still has yet to regulate communications technology to a safe degree. This is why some pedestrian advocates are not very excited about the combination of those two conveniences in self-driving cars.

How do most Americans feel about self-driving cars?

Bike-friendly cities take education, changes in infrastructure


American cities are getting deadlier and deadlier for bicyclists and pedestrians alike -- while, at the same time, cities are encouraging more people to commute by either foot, bike or public transportation.

There's a disconnect going on somewhere, and it's causing unnecessary injuries and fatalities to both bicyclists and pedestrians. What exactly is going on?

Watch out for these common city riding hazards


Using your bicycle to get around the city can be an eco-friendly way to get some exercise, save on gas or train for a race. However, city riding can be scary for those who are new to it.

And, it can also present road hazards that could catch any cyclist by surprise. Here are a few of the more common ones to watch out for.

Risky biking behavior increases the chance of fatal injuries


It is not easy to get around California without a vehicle. Sometimes mass transit is crowded and unreliable, and sometimes commutes involve too many changes without your own motor vehicle. Many cities and towns in the Golden State are trying to close the loop by making bicycle and scooter travel safer so that avoiding vehicles is easier.

Bicycles themselves often have trouble avoiding vehicles. Congested traffic and high-speed vehicles both pose hazards to nearby bikers. Information collected by the California Highway Patrol shows that male bicyclists have been far more likely to be killed in a bicycle accident in the state, with seven-eighths of victims between 2003 and 2015 being men or boys.

Safety tips for riding on Saint Patrick's Day


Most Americans celebrate this holiday the same way as the others -- by consuming alcohol. However, Saint Patrick's Day, in particular, tends to revolve more around drinking than the exchange of gifts. If those celebrating the holiday make poor decisions while under the influence, the roads can become very dangerous.

Cyclists and drivers alike should, therefore, exercise extreme caution before hitting the roads. Here are a few tips that can help keep you and your friends stay out of trouble on the 17th.

Family sues scooter operator over brain injury


The faces of American cities are changing, with new concerns for affordable housing and transit meeting the requirement to keep our environments livable. This has led to several innovations that have met with both satisfaction and controversy on the streets of Los Angeles and other California cities.

Nearly everyone in the Golden State has an opinion on scooter shares, which have been on the sidewalks of cities for the last couple of years. The motorized flat scooters allow customers to take short, inexpensive trips between homes and transit lines and work with a simple application on their smartphones. Advocates hoped the machines would close the final link in many people's environmentally friendly commutes.

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