In a city devoted to cars,
we’re devoted to cyclists.

Your car insurance
policy can cover
you on your bike!

Increase your Uninsured Motorist
to $500K. 


We proudly sponsor the Los Angeles County Bicycle
Coalition, Climate Ride, SoCal Fixed Series racing
and Streets Are For Everyone.

Your Guardian
Angels in the
City of Angels

Whether you’re a commuter, a racer, or a beginner
bicyclist – we’re here to protect you on the road.

Stay Safe
On L.A.’s

Stay alert. Always wear a helmet.
At night use lights. Wear a helmet cam.


In a city devoted to cars,
we’re devoted to cyclists.

There Is No Charge Until We Win.

We are cycling specialists.

We understand how frustrating, scary and powerless it can feel to be in a cycling crash. We know better than most because we are avid cyclists. As compassionate, trusted experts, we give back the power to the people and give back to our cycling tribe.

We Fight To Make Los Angeles’ Streets Safer

People choose Joshua Cohen as their lawyer not only because he has an impressive record of accomplishment, but also because he truly believes seeking the justice and compensation deserved for the injured and making the roads safer for all.

Auto vs Bike

Wrongful death

Amputated Leg

SUV vs. bike

Car vs. bike

Catastrophic Injuries

Rideshare vs Bicyclist

Pedestrian vs vehicle

Why You Should Choose A Bicycle Attorney

If you have been in a bicycle accident, you want a bicycle lawyer who has been down this path before. Joshua Cohen has built a reputation as a successful personal injury attorney in many accidents involving cyclists. Not only does he have the successful results to prove it, but he also brings a passion to his work unmatched by many other accident attorneys. That’s because he is a cyclist himself.

He believes everyone should have the right to travel safely on the road on their bicycles. It’s not just about helping the injured seek the damages they need for their recovery – it’s also about holding the negligent accountable in hopes of making change for the bicycle movement. He has the passion, skill, dedication, insight, tenacity and resources to do so, which provides many benefits for our clients, such as:


We Know Bike Law


We Guide You Through Medical
Treatment And Billing


We Negotiate Effectively With
Insurance Companies


We Work With Police To Get
The Facts And Fault Right


We Maximize The Value
Of Your Case


If Necessary, We Will File Suit
And Go To Trial

Meet Joshua Cohen

An Attorney Who Believes In Bicyclist Rights

Almost all personal injury lawyers claim to fight for and champion the rights of drivers as car accident victims, but they rarely mention bicyclists and pedestrians. Attorney Josh Cohen has dedicated his practice to advocating for injured cyclists and pedestrians. That’s because he feels strongly about keeping bicyclists safe on the road, whether they are commuting to work or riding for recreation.

A cyclist himself, he believes in the movement as a matter of sustainability and new urbanism. Despite the benefits of bicycling to all, riders continue to face problems on the road, such as a lack of adequate cycling infrastructure in a city like Los Angeles that’s dominated by distracted drivers. He truly understands the challenges cyclists face on the road every day because he sees it firsthand while on his own bike.

Photo Of Joshua C. Cohen
MoveLA | A project of community partners
The League of American Biciclysts | Since 1880
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition |
Calbike | California Bicycle Coalition

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Take Pride. Take Action.

We Believe In Giving Back To LA’s Cycling Community.

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When the unexpected happens to you or a loved one, it’s important that you seek a client-centered attorney who puts your best interests first and makes you a priority. Our Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney specializes in representing LA cyclists. Our larger firm, Cohen Law Partners, is a group of respected attorneys who offer individualized attention for personal injury cases.

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