Road Hazards

Whether improperly designed or dangerous due to lack of repair and maintenance, road hazards significantly increase the risk of collision.

If you are involved in an accident that a road defect caused, the government entity responsible for that road’s design or maintenance may be liable for your crash and any resulting injuries or property destruction.

Filing a claim against a government entity is unlike filing a claim against anyone else. Road cases can be some of the most complex automobile accident lawsuits. Filling claims against the various levels of government requires fluency in the legal procedures that must be followed. Those levels range from federal to state to county to municipalities. Sometimes multiple entities are at fault.

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by road hazards, attorney Joshua Cohen of Cohen Law Partners can help you hold the government entity charged with maintaining that road accountable for your losses. We have particular expertise and experience doing so.

Common Signs Of Road Hazards

  • Sudden shoulder drop offs
  • Insufficient notice (signage) of changes in the shoulder
  • Lack of street lights, or lights that don’t properly light the street
  • Poorly-established construction zones and/or no available detours
  • Malfunctioning or inadequate warning signals that result in dangerous intersections
  • Sudden shoulder drop offs
  • Poor roadway design that results in hazardous driving conditions during inclement weather, such as pooling water on a high-mileage roadway
  • Insufficient highway divisions, edge lines, or other line divisions
  • Poorly maintained roadways
  • Bike lanes striped across dangerous conditions
  • Bike routes designated through dangerous conditions

Importance Of A Thorough Investigation

The primary cause of a traffic accident isn’t always clear. This is why it’s key to have an experienced legal professional on your side – an attorney who understands the importance of looking for evidence of road hazards and how it relates to California law. A skilled legal team will look beyond what’s on paper to discover the true cause of your accident.

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