Critical safety concerns for bicyclists in Los Angeles

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Bicyclists in major cities, such as Los Angeles, should be able to ride without having to worry about safety hazards that could have been prevented. This requires a firm stance and action from legislators, as well as public campaigns to remind drivers to watch for these non-motorized vehicles.

Bicycle safety in Los Angeles remains a critical issue because of various risk factors. Excessive speed and high speed limits are significant contributors to the severity of road collisions, particularly those involving bicyclists and pedestrians. This highlights the need for a reconsideration of those factors on roads where bicyclists or pedestrians are likely to travel.

The vast majority, around 77%, of bicycle fatalities in LA County have occurred on multi-lane roads. These roads, often with three or more lanes in each direction, seem ideal for motorized vehicles, and antithetical to bicyclist safety.

The role of infrastructure in cyclist safety

The lack of adequate infrastructure for cyclists is stark. An astonishing 85% of bicycle fatalities in 2022 happened on roadways without designated bike lanes. Ensuring the safety of cyclists involves the creation of more bike lanes and the thoughtful integration of these lanes into the city’s broader transportation framework.

Notable areas that need immediate attention

Certain areas have been identified as particularly hazardous for cyclists, including East Anaheim Street in Long Beach, Martin Luther King Jr Blvd & Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, Figueroa Street in Downtown LA and Avenues H & J in Lancaster. These locations have seen a concerning number of collisions and represent immediate areas for intervention to enhance cyclist safety.

A multifaceted approach is required to improve bicycle safety in Los Angeles. This includes lowering speed limits, expanding the bike lane network, enhancing road design to accommodate all users, and implementing targeted safety measures in high-risk areas.

Until safety is vastly improved, bicyclists remain at unacceptable risk of serious crashes. Victims may ultimately opt to pursue a compensation claim to cover their damages from liable parties. This can include the cost of medical care, lost wages or other damages. A legal representative can help victims determine how to proceed with their claim, including determining the actual damages they should seek.