Caltrans announces $1 billion growth in bike and pedestrian lanes

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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is well aware of the safety risks facing cyclists and pedestrians. After all, the organization receives reports about deadly and injurious collisions between bicyclists and motorists on a daily basis. Particularly in busy urban areas, cyclists are constantly at risk due to the actions of others in traffic.

California has become a leader in cyclist safety interventions in recent years, and a recent announcement by Caltrans reinforces that status. The state intends to invest nearly a billion dollars in the expansion of bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths over the next four years. These investments could lead to better options for those who regularly bike or walk on public roads.

What the investments may produce

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently approved a $930 million proposal from Caltrans for improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists through infrastructure investments. The main priorities of the project include the creation of pedestrian pathways and more bicycle lanes.

Improving the infrastructure used by pedestrians and cyclists could cut down on severe crashes caused by motor vehicles. Cyclists and pedestrians who feel safe on the streets are more likely to consistently choose healthier transportation options. The $930 million of funding could impact numerous communities around the state. The plans include approximately 265 miles of improved or new bike lanes on state highways.

There are also safety elements that Caltrans plans to integrate for the protection of cyclists and pedestrians. Improvements to increase the visibility of bike lanes, more separation between bike lanes and vehicle traffic, improved road signs, improved signals and accessible curb ramps are some of the 1,300 planned safety elements that Caltrans should install by 2028. Each of these elements and the new bike lanes can potentially improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Even with the best infrastructure possible, drivers may still fail to notice and properly respond to cyclists and pedestrians in traffic. People need to know their rights so that they can pursue insurance compensation or file lawsuits in response to bicycle-car crashes. Using the infrastructure in place for cyclist safety can be as important as knowing the steps to take in pursuit of compensation when a driver is to blame for a cycling collision.