Bike lanes boost safety and business

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicyclists in the Los Angeles area count on bike lanes to help them remain as safe as possible, but some were worried that the parking spaces lost when bike lanes were created would harm businesses. As it turns out, that’s a largely unfounded concern

This information comes at the perfect time because the news of bike lanes coming to Hollywood Boulevard has recently come to light. Merchants along that strip won’t have to worry about taking a financial hit as the city takes steps to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. 

“Access to Hollywood” is on the fast track

The “Access to Hollywood” plan is set to have bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and bus lanes installed by early 2025. Bike lanes are planned from La Brea Avenue to Fountain Avenue. This is huge news for the area because Hollywood Boulevard is part of what’s been dubbed the “High Injury Network,” which encompasses only 6% of the city streets, but 70% of severe injuries and deaths for pedestrians. 

One of the primary issues with the Hollywood Boulevard stretch of road is the high speeds of vehicles. Around 76% of respondents of a survey regarding the Hollywood Blvd Safety and Mobility Project said the high speeds made them feel unsafe, and 87% noted that safety improvements here are important. 

All of the safety improvements for bicyclists will only be effective if drivers take the time to slow down and give bicyclists the respect and space they’re due. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always do that, which puts bicyclists at risk of catastrophic injuries. Those victims may opt to pursue a compensation claim against the negligent driver to offset the financial damages they’re facing.