Tips for safe driving around cyclists

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Drivers must know how to share the road safely with cyclists. It’s imperative that they follow the rules of the road and seek to create a safe shared space. Both cyclists and drivers have a right to the road.

That said, drivers who are not cyclists themselves may be unsure exactly how to share the road appropriately. Below are some tips that can be beneficial.

Look before turning

Many bicycle accidents happen when a driver is turning. For instance, even during a right turn, the driver may need to check the bike lane on their right before executing that turn to ensure that it isn’t occupied. Many drivers forget and never look.

Keep proper space when passing

Passing bicycles can be tricky. It should only be done when it can be executed safely, ideally when there is around 3 feet of space between the vehicle and the bicycle.

Leave the animosity behind

In some cases, drivers are frustrated with cyclists, often just because of their speed. But this attitude can be problematic. Drivers should never engage in road rage or aggressive driving around cyclists.

Don’t get distracted

Many drivers cause bicycle accidents when they get distracted and they never see the cyclist. Maybe they were just watching for other vehicles out of their peripheral vision while looking at their phone, for instance. But they overlooked a small bicycle and caused a crash.

These tips can help drivers know how to operate their vehicles safely, but accidents do happen. Cyclists who have been injured must know about their legal options to seek compensation for medical bills and other costs.