Cargo bikes are becoming more popular

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A cargo bike, also known as a freight bicycle or a cargo trike (when it has three wheels), is a type of bicycle specifically designed to transport goods or carry heavy loads. These bikes are built with sturdy frames and often have elongated or enlarged cargo areas, typically located in the front or rear of the bike.

Cargo bikes come in various designs and configurations, including:

  1. Longtail Bikes: These have an extended rear section behind the rider, often equipped with a platform, basket or rack for cargo.
  2. Front Loader Bikes: Also known as “box bikes”, these have a cargo area in the front, resembling a large box or container where goods or children can be carried.
  3. Flatbed or Platform Bikes: These have a flat area in the front or back – or both – where goods can be securely strapped.

In many parts of the country, these bikes are becoming more popular. They often give cyclists the ability to use their bikes for a much wider variety of purposes.

How cargo bikes are used

Everyone uses their bike in their own way, but here are a few areas where cargo bikes tend to stand apart:

  • Urban Transportation: They offer an eco-friendly and efficient way to transport goods around urban areas where larger vehicles might face congestion or restrictions.
  • Last-Mile Delivery: Companies and couriers utilize cargo bikes for quick and environmentally friendly deliveries in densely populated areas, especially for smaller packages.
  • Family Transport: Some cargo bikes are designed to carry children along with groceries or other items, offering a practical and enjoyable way for families to get around. Some people use them to take their kids to school.
  • Commercial Uses: Various businesses, from local vendors to food delivery services, use cargo bikes to transport products and conduct mobile sales.

Cargo bikes can significantly reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, promoting sustainable transportation options in urban settings. Their versatility in carrying various loads makes them a practical choice for numerous applications, from personal use to commercial purposes.

With that said, as they grow in popularity, there are going to be more and more car accidents involving these vehicles. Cities need to implement safety designs, such as protected bike lanes, and cyclists who have been hurt by negligent drivers need to know what legal options they have available to them in the event that they suffer harm while riding.