Car insurance protects you while on your bicycle

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Getting hit by someone in a motor vehicle is the worst possible situation for someone on a bicycle. People die or end up so severely injured that they spend weeks in the hospital. You never know when a driver may fail to spot you, despite your careful compliance with traffic laws and high-visibility gear.

You would expect that the driver who caused your crash would provide you with insurance coverage to pay for your medical expenses and replace your lost wages. Unfortunately, some drivers in California don’t have insurance on their vehicles.

If one of those drivers hits you while you are on your bike, your car insurance policy could make all the difference.

Extra coverage may protect you on your next ride

Technically, although California does not require insurance to ride a bicycle, it does still classify them as a type of vehicle. Your motor vehicle policy in theory could cover you while you are on your bicycle. While you are unlikely to need liability coverage on a bike, unless you strike a pedestrian, additional coverage beyond the state basics could be very useful.

Uninsured motorist protection could pay for your medical bills and help cover lost wages if you suffer serious injuries after a crash. Although it would be ideal to have the driver at fault for the crash provide you with insurance coverage, it is often better to plan for unfavorable situations, such as encountering an uninsured driver, rather than waiting until you experience a crash with no insurance to revisit your personal protection.

Recognizing when you might be at higher risk than usual following a bicycle collision can help protect you on the California roads.