Businesses can request bike racks

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One of the more annoying aspects of bike riding in Los Angeles is the problem of finding adequate space to secure these bikes while riders patronize local businesses. Forcing riders to park far away from and walk to their destinations enhances their risk of getting injured or killed by careless drivers.

Fortunately, business owners who want to encourage bike riders to stop by for a meal, a drink or to make a purchase can make them feel more welcome. All they need to do is request the installation of one or more bike racks in front of their businesses.

Program installs bike racks on request

The LADOT Sidewalk Bike Parking program provides city-installed racks at locations within Los Angeles city limits. While these requests are not applicable to bicycle parking required by codes, any individual is free to request the installation of a bike rack.

After all requests, officials with LADOT do checks both in the field and on the web to assure that there is enough room to accommodate a bicycle rack.

Where are the racks installed?

The installations are designed to align with existing street environments without blocking access to parking for cars. They should also be in compliance with all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and not obstruct pedestrian traffic, crosswalks or business doorways and entrances.

Site conditions must:

  • Remain consistent with the bike rack standard plan for the City of Los Angeles
  • Have no conflict with utility access points, poles or boxes
  • Be out of the amenity zone on the sidewalk between the curb and the path for pedestrian travel
  • Be in accord with any handicap zoning and bus stops and not block access to parked cars
  • Be transparent for “eyes on the street” and frontage of stores

These are just a few of the requirements that must be met before a bike rack placement can be obtained.

Why does this matter?

Safe bike parking allows for safer bicycle riding because riders can cruise right up to their destinations, conduct their business and head out without worrying about stolen bikes or car-pedestrian accidents. Anything that makes bike riding safer in L.A. is a positive move.

Sadly, accidents do still happen. If you have been hurt as a cyclist, it is in your best interests to seek some legal guidance.