A cultural shift to make California a cyclist’s paradise

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A recent report published in the Financial Times highlights how many factors make Southern California the ideal oasis for bike riders. Two of the standout features are our wide streets and a comfortable, Mediterranean-type climate.

Many analysts hope that California’s goal to become less dependent on fossil fuels will motivate non-riders and recreational ones to take to the roads on their bikes at increasing rates. Analysts are particularly looking to 2035 when making this assessment, as this is when gas-guzzling vehicles are set to be phased out in our state.

A “cultural shift” needs to occur before Los Angeles becomes the “cyclist’s paradise” it is primed to be. What cultural shifts do need to occur to make it the go-to destination for cyclists?

Street racing needs to be eliminated

This dangerous, reckless driving habit has become a significant problem in L.A. in recent years. It’s such a problem that the City Council recently announced that they’d soon be voting on a new ordinance making it unlawful.

Bike lanes need to be expanded

One of the more dangerous areas of L.A. for bike riders is a several-mile stretch of roadway located between Sunset and Alvarado. The city refers to it as a “high injury area.” The nonprofit Sunset4All plans to see to it that protected bike lanes are installed in the area.

Education initiatives need to be launched

Sunset4All and other community-based groups have been formed in recent years to educate residents about the benefits of bike riding and how to safely do so. It’s also key to let non-bikers know about how the impending fossil fuel cutoff may impact them and alternatives to compensate for the shift. Government officials must also learn more about steps they can take, including instituting laws to make our roads safer for cyclists.

How to best navigate L.A. roads until they’re safer for cyclists

Bikers currently find themselves in a position where infrastructure, laws and the general public don’t know how to best accommodate them. If this lack of knowledge has resulted in your getting hurt, then you may qualify for compensation to help cover any incident-related expenses you have incurred.