Common causes of bicycle crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

An enjoyable bike ride is an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and to get out of the house for some exercise. Increasing in popularity during the worldwide pandemic, more Californians are out and about on their two-wheeled, non-motorized transports.

However, leisurely travel can turn tragic in a split second when an accident occurs. The best bicyclist is no match for a vehicle colliding with them. Without the protections that motor vehicles enjoy, severe and potentially fatal accidents can result.

Accidents can take many forms with injuries resulting from:

Reckless and impaired drivers

Driving carelessly or under the influence is a clear and present danger for any type of vehicle sharing the road. Bicyclists that adhere to every rule of the road and try to maintain a safe distance can still suffer injuries when riding anywhere near a negligent motor vehicle operator.

Sudden lane changes

Car drivers often decide to change lanes without bothering to look at their side- and rear-view mirrors. Many times things are uneventful, and the lane change happens safely. Other times, however, tragedy occurs, and the vehicle crashes into a cyclist. The motor vehicle occupant is usually left unscathed in such accidents, but the cyclist is seriously injured.

Unexpected opening of car doors

Just as they would with pedestrians, car occupants opening their doors should exercise equal care for bicyclists. The sudden collision can propel a cyclist into the air before falling to the ground. Injuries are often the outcome.

Poorly maintained roads

Over time, roads that were once smooth experience wear and tear. Ongoing neglect creates cracks, potholes, and other defects. Cars can navigate over damaged streets, but bicycles may struggle to do so. An unlucky bicyclist may crash into a pothole and go over his/her handlebars, resulting in serious injuries and substantial damage to the bike itself.

Negligence that leads to a cyclist’s injuries requires immediate medical attention. From there, exploring legal remedies in the form of a personal injury lawsuit may be the next step.