Pedestrian and bike pathways help keep people safe

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It is no secret that having specialized pathways for pedestrians and cyclists helps reduce the likelihood of collisions. On Sept. 29, the news reported that the L.A. River in Glendale will be getting new bike and pedestrian spaces where they can walk or ride safely.

A portion of the $15 million is being used to update Glendale Narrows Bridge, which is near the Los Angeles Zoo. This bridge crosses the L.A. River and connects the L.A. river walk and bike path to the Glendale River Walk and bicycle pathway.

Another portion of the money will go to the Colorado Bridge Undercrossing East Bank River Way Project. Through this, a new undercrossing for cyclists and pedestrians will be created at Colorado Boulevard where it meets the 5 Freeway.

Changes like these are positive for cyclists and pedestrians because they create safer spaces for them. Instead of crossing busy streets or having to go around a river by taking busier routes, they will be able to use specific crossings and pathways that reduce the likelihood of accidents or coming into contact with heavy traffic.

The burden to be safe can’t always be on pedestrians or cyclists

It’s the truth that cyclists and pedestrians have a role to play in their own safety, but they can’t be the only ones responsible. It’s important for cities to start taking steps to make safer spaces for cyclists and pedestrians, like they are in the abovementioned areas.

When cyclists and pedestrians have to be with heavy traffic and with dangerous drivers, there is an increased risk of serious collisions, injuries and deaths. It is unfair to place the burden of staying safe on the people who are most at risk in those situations.

What can you do if you’re injured while walking or riding a bike?

If you’re following the traffic laws and doing what you can to be safe, then others should be doing the same. If you’re hurt, you deserve an opportunity to hold others accountable for the actions that led to an accident. A personal injury claim may help you get the compensation that you need.