Could a bicycle superhighway help in Los Angeles?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

If you haven’t heard of a bicycle superhighway, you’re not alone. However, cyclists in South Bay have presented a proposal that could make the roads safer for cyclists and drivers. 

The goal of the proposal would be to make a continuous bike path that runs between San Jose and Santa Clara so that cyclists can be on one safe pathway the entire route. Right now, the biggest issue is that Mineta San Jose International Airport is in line with the superhighway plans. There, cyclists have said that it’s very dangerous and noisy. Even going a few miles on a bike is very difficult.

Three routes have been proposed

According to the Valley Transportation Authority, three pathways have been proposed. Each route would require the state to build additional infrastructure for cyclists and get input from leaders and agencies in the field. Cities all around the state have made proposals for similar infrastructure. 

What makes a bicycle highway a superhighway?

A bicycle superhighway is advantageous because of its high-quality infrastructure. It totally separates cyclists from cars. It should, in practice, provide safer, direct, faster and more comfortable routes for cyclists.

How soon can this happen? If approved, the project could take a decade to complete. It’s a long-term goal, but the right agencies may be able to make it happen with an appropriate plan in place. For now, riders should be cautious in these regions and remember that they can take steps to be compensated if they’re involved in a crash with a motorist who did not see them or make room for them on the roads.