Do helmet cameras benefit cyclists?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Bicycle tips |

One advantage of helmets that cyclists often fail to acknowledge is that you can attach a camera to them. Helmet cameras might seem tailored to riders eager to press charges against the first motorist who drives too close to them. Yet, if a driver collides with you, your camera’s footage can prove valuable in the accident’s aftermath. And a helmet camera can also help you improve your riding and document the world around you.

Helmet cameras provide accurate accident footage

Without a helmet camera, you will likely lack footage of any accident or incident you are involved in. If you sustain injuries, having evidence of the collision could improve your position when filing a personal injury claim. And if a motorist was involved in the accident, a helmet camera’s footage will capture which of you caused it. This evidence will put to rest any disagreements about fault.

Helmet cameras can be helpful in solo accidents, too. If you crashed on a stretch of poorly maintained pavement, your footage will show the condition of the road you were riding on. And a camera also acts as a deterrent to drivers who might threaten or assault you after an accident. Upon noticing your camera, they may fear a recording of their actions could end up on the internet.

Helmet cameras can improve your riding skills

After finishing a ride, analyzing your helmet camera’s footage can help you determine ways you can improve your technique and safety. Upon reviewing it, you may realize that you ride in a manner that puts you at risk for injury. Based on your footage, you may realize that you take chances in traffic or fail to acknowledge hazards until the last second. By gaining awareness of these facts, you can adjust the way you ride, making both your commute and excursions safer and more enjoyable.

Helmet cameras document the world around you

Whether you are riding somewhere new, or on a stretch of familiar and beloved road, a helmet camera will capture your surroundings. If you want to ride part of a route again – or revisit and reminisce about a favorite ride – your camera’s footage will preserve a visual memory of it. And if you are trying to acclimate yourself to a new route or terrain, this footage can help you memorize its specifics for the next time you ride it.