Are self-driving cars as safe as human drivers for pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Laws have generally followed technological developments that need regulation. The U.S. government was well-prepared to put safety requirements on cars and planes, while some would claim it still has yet to regulate communications technology to a safe degree. This is why some pedestrian advocates are not very excited about the combination of those two conveniences in self-driving cars.

How do most Americans feel about self-driving cars?

A poll conducted nationwide showed that around half of U.S. residents believe that self-driving cars, which are aided by cameras and onboard computers as well as global positioning system (GPS) software, are more dangerous than cars driven by people. Almost two-thirds of people said they would not consider an autonomous vehicle.

Have there been any injuries or deaths caused by self-driving cars?

A California manufacturer was investigated after the death of a man in a car they made with autonomous driving functions. The car collided with a tractor-trailer which was too bright to be identified by the onboard computer. A woman in Arizona was killed when a self-driving car operated by a ride-sharing company hit her on the road.

What should pedestrians do if they are struck by a self-driving car?

This is one situation in which a car may not immediately stop after a collision, so it is important to ensure physical safety as soon as possible. An attorney may be able to help the victims of a serious collision with a motor vehicle if they feel that financial damages are warranted. No one should have to deal with these consequences alone.