Is all that biking gear really necessary?

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As a kid, you probably didn’t prepare much before biking around your neighborhood. Adult bicyclists, however, always seem to be decked out in gear from head to toe.

If you’re considering taking up biking, you may wonder, “Is all of that gear really necessary?”

Cycle clothing

It’s common to see cyclists wearing bright, form-fitting clothing. Spandex blends are mainly used to help racers gain more wind resistance and reduce friction. However, they can also make a rider more comfortable by wicking away sweat, preventing bacterial growth down under, reducing saddle chaffing and providing insulation when it’s chilly.

Since adult riders usually travel further than children on busier roads, these precautions protect against higher injury risks. Likewise, the bright colors and reflective materials of the clothing increase visibility amidst fast-traveling traffic.


Wearing a helmet is absolutely necessary to prevent serious brain injuries and even death. They were estimated to have saved nearly 2,000 lives in 2016 and can reduce the likelihood of a head injury 69 percent of the time.

But, did you know that acquiring a new helmet is necessary every 5 years? It’s true, helmets actually have an expiration date — even if you haven’t gotten into an accident. When choosing to replace your helmet, look for one with MIPS technology. This will allow the outer shell of the helmet to better protect you from an angled impact.


The GoPro is a small video camera that can easily be clipped onto a helmet, jacket or other gear. Bicyclists have begun using GoPro cameras to record their ventures, time and speed.

However, the device may also be useful if something goes wrong. In the event of an accident, GoPro footage can be used in court as evidence of the actions that unfolded.


In California, gloves with short-cut fingers are popular. Their main function is to absorb sweat in the heat. However, if the weather gets cold, you’ll need feeling in your fingers to control and stop the bike. The gloves also provide warmth.

Shin and elbow pads

Shin and elbow pads are more commonly used for off-road biking because they can be uncomfortable and limit your range of motion while traveling fast on roads.

Eye protection

It’s common to see cyclists wearing sunglasses. Protection against sun glare is important while operating any vehicle. However, glasses or goggles can also prevent debris or wind from irritating a rider’s eyes.

Add an attorney to your artillery

While some biking gear is designed for the long-distance rider, most of it increases safety and visibility for any cyclist. Whether you’re planning to bike quiet suburbs or commute with traffic to work, you’ll need protection to stand a chance against the power of a motor vehicle in an accident.

To be prepared for the aftermath of an accident, have a lawyer in mind to call for help. Cohen Law Partners are specialized in helping cyclists who have been injured in an accident. With many winning cases to draw on, our attorneys can provide you with expert knowledge to help you gain the compensation you deserve.