L.A. sees a surge in lawsuits due to dangerous roads

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Los Angeles has been busy at work this past year, and it’s not the type of work that brings about goodwill. The city has paid out nearly $19 million to cyclists and their families. Roads riddled with potholes and broken pavement are deemed the culprits.

An analysis of city records show that injuries and death caused by cyclist crashes are four times higher than past years. This is due to unsafe roads in dire need of repair, a cost the city might not be willing to budget in quite yet.

The city is being accused of ignoring obvious hazards, despite resident complaints. The Bureau of Street Services reports that major streets are inspected four times a year. Residential streets, on the other hand, do not receive the same kind of attention.

Swelling costs are causing an alarm

Some lawmakers suggest closing bike lanes on poorly-rated streets. This tactic rests in the hope that cyclists will ride elsewhere. As for the repairs, councilman Mitch Englander stated, “…we have a massive backlog.”

Unfortunately, strategies to steer bikers away from certain roads is unrealistic. People will still use streets, with or without biking signs and lanes. Uprooting safety features just won’t do.

Broken roadways result in devastating injuries

It’s true that shoddy pavement costs money to fix, and so goes with settling the many lawsuits. Injuries bicyclists have suffered is no light matter either, which includes:

  • Brain injuries
  • Broken necks
  • Cracked pelvises
  • Sprained and broken wrists

Bikers should continue to proceed with caution when riding around the city. It’s always important to wear a helmet and avoid obvious hazards. If you find yourself in a bike crash, seek medical help right away and then explore your legal options.