Bicycle must-haves for safety and accident prevention

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Bicycles styles and builds are designed to match your intended use and your anatomical body type. Road bikes and mountain bikes serve two very different purposes. In either case, you should be prepared to make your journey as safe as possible, especially when commuting through traffic.

There are various additions you can add to your bike while you ride. Yes, you absolutely need a bike helmet whenever sharing the road with motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes. But what accessories should your road bike be fitted with to ensure optimal safety?

Here are some must-haves to prevent roadways accidents while riding.

Lights – You want to remain visible among traffic at any hour of the day or night. Having a properly fitted light on your bicycle tremendously boosts your visibility among traffic. You may want to fit your bicycle with front and back lights. Bike lights usually come with a variety of settings that can pulse or stay bright and steady.

Bike horn – Along with visibility is also ensuring you are heard when you need to be. Mounting a loud bicycle horn can make a difference during split-second decisions, making the difference between accidents and near-accidents.

Reflective paint and wheel strips – Overall, visibility is the name of the game. This can be accomplished through applying reflective wheel strips on your bike and other innovative tools. Reflective paint is one idea that was created to be coated over the bike, rendering it invisible during the daytime hours but highly reflective at night.

Taking these extra steps to make sure your bike has what it needs can save you bodily damage and monetary loss while commuting through traffic on a bicycle. You never know when your visibility and sounds can steer vehicles away from you and a potential accident. Precaution is priceless.