The most popular vehicles are also the most dangerous to cyclists

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Some studies have found that SUVs and crossovers are some of the most popular vehicles being sold today. A crossover is essentially a smaller SUV that is closer to a passenger car. Consumers like these because they offer more ground clearance and they are slightly larger than standard cars, but they are not as massive and inconvenient as vans. They fit that middle space very well, and automakers have been building more and more of them.

However, both crossovers and SUVs are “objectively more dangerous for cyclists.” This means that not only is the total number of these vehicles on the road increasing every year, but cyclists experience greater danger as consumers consistently turn to the very vehicles that pose a bigger threat. But why are these vehicles so dangerous?

2 potential reasons

There are two main reasons for this risk level. The first is that these vehicles tend to be larger, meaning they have bigger blind spots. Pedestrians have also found this to be a problem. Often, both pedestrians and cyclists will be hit by drivers who simply could not see them.

But the type of collision has also made things more dangerous. With a car, a cyclist is most likely to be struck in the legs and wind up on the car’s hood. This can lead to extensive injuries, but it’s not quite as dangerous.

Conversely, with an SUV, the front of the vehicle is taller, so the cyclist is struck closer to the chest, neck and head. They are also far more likely to be knocked down and run over, particularly because these are large vehicles.

Unfortunately, consumer purchasing trends don’t seem to be changing, so these risks are going to continue. Those who have been injured must know how to seek financial compensation.