Why are e-bikes getting so popular?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

E-bikes are essentially just full-size bicycles with a small electric motor. This motor is battery powered and it can assist the rider. These bikes also have pedals, but the motor means that people can go faster or farther, or they can simply just pedal intermittently and have a more relaxing ride.

Because these bikes are so easy to use and can be ridden greater distances, they’ve started to become very common. The popularity has risen quickly, especially with those who use them to commute to work. What are some of the reasons for this?

A low-cost option

One reason for this is that the cost of gas has been on the rise. Someone who is commuting in their car for just a few miles may decide that it would be better to take a bike and save the cumulative cost of all of that gas.

Staying in shape

You can certainly pedal when you use an e-bike, so it’s still a great form of exercise. It is perhaps not as difficult as riding a traditional bike, but it’s still a much more athletic way to commute to and from work than riding in your car.

Beating traffic congestion

Cities in California are famous for their traffic congestion, as are the interstates. Commuting can be a long and arduous chore in a car. Those who use their bikes may be able to make better time, even on much slower vehicles, because they can avoid some of this traffic congestion and seek alternative routes.

Unfortunately, as cycling populations grow, accidents with drivers will become more common. Those who are injured need to know about all their legal options.