3 common threats to cyclists

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents |

While cars are one of the biggest methods of transportation in the world, biking is still a popular form of travel. Many cities do not provide safe accommodations for bikers. As a result, many bikers suffer from severe injuries. A cyclist’s injuries may be more severe than others because cyclists do not have the same kind of protection as people in motor vehicles. 

If you are a cyclist, then here are a few common threats you may encounter on your travels:

1. Dooring

“Dooring” happens when a driver or passenger opens a car door from the inside and hits a cyclist. This can happen if a person in a car doesn’t see a cyclist and the door opens in the cyclist’s path. If the cyclist is too close to the vehicle, they may not have enough space to slow to a halt and avoid hitting the door. 

2. Lane sharing

Some main and side roads have special lanes for cyclists. However, many roads do not give cyclists this dedicated space. As a result, cyclists and motorists often have to share the same lane. Some motorists will drive around cyclists to pass them, but they may not give the cyclist enough space. As a result, they may end up hitting and injuring the cyclist. 

3. Turning

Many cyclists are injured from turning vehicles. Drivers may not see a cyclist in their side or rearview mirrors. During a turn, the vehicle may block a cyclist’s path, causing them to hit the vehicle and suffer injuries.

If you were injured while riding your bike, then you can learn what you can do to recover damages for your hospital bills and losses.