The real reason why bicycle insurance is a smart investment

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

The decision to buy insurance is often a forced one. People have to have liability coverage to operate their motorized vehicles in California. Mortgage companies also typically mandate homeowner’s insurance.

However, there are many times when individuals would benefit from purchasing insurance even if they have no regulatory obligation to do so. Technically, bicycle or cycling insurance is not a necessity in California. The state does not require that cyclists on public roads or bike paths purchase coverage for themselves to cover injury costs or protect against the possibility of liability if they hurt someone. Still, investing in such coverage can be a smart choice for any avid cyclist in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Special coverage can protect cyclists after crashes

A cyclist doesn’t have to worry very much about hurting others unless they collide with a pedestrian. They won’t cause much damage if they are at fault for a crash with the motor vehicle in most cases. The risk of a driver striking a cyclist and then not having enough insurance is a significant concern for every cyclist on California roads.

The state is one of the worst for the number of uninsured drivers on the roads, and there are quite a few motorists who only carry what the state requires in liability coverage. The likely costs generated by a significant bicycle-vehicle crash could be far more than what the driver’s insurance will cover. Cyclists can potentially add underinsured and uninsured motorist protection to their policies so that they have sufficient financial protection after a crash caused by someone in a motor vehicle.

Cyclists without insurance still have options

Protecting oneself financially is always a smart move, but not everyone learns about the value of special insurance coverage until after they might require some support. For those hurt in a crash with a motor vehicle while biking, a personal injury lawsuit could potentially be an option if there isn’t enough insurance coverage available to fully cover their costs. Motorists who are unsafe on the roads and don’t have enough insurance can end up financially responsible for the costs of the people affected by a crash.

Having certain protections in place ahead of time can benefit those who end up hurt in a vehicle-bicycle collision. With that said, filing a claim and securing the maximum amount of compensation that one is rightfully owed can be a challenge. Seeking legal guidance can be helpful in this regard.