A pending bill could lead to better education about bike safety

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Cycling collisions are a major safety issue on California roads. There is very little to protect a cyclist from the force of a crash, and such collisions are often the fault of the people in the bigger motor vehicle. There are many people in Los Angeles that rely on bicycles as their primary source of transportation or exercise. Cyclists have to share the road with not only large motor vehicles but also with e-bikes, which have become a significant safety concern for cyclists.

Some of the major contributing factors to cyclist risk and major crashes include public confusion about traffic laws and a lack of training. State lawmakers have proposed a bill that would lead to the creation of educational publications to help enhance cyclists’ safety.

How a proposed bill could benefit cyclists

Assembly Bill (A.B.) 1188, presented to the Assembly initially in February of 2023, would require that the California State Transportation Agency put together and distribute a bicycle safety handbook. That law would require an explanation of existing laws on both bicycles and e-bikes, as well as information about safety equipment and the rules that apply to safely sharing the road with other bicycles and vehicles.

Given how rapidly state law tends to change, putting out accurate and up-to-date information for the public could potentially reduce the number of collisions that occur. The idea is to have a publication of similar quality and comprehensiveness to The Driver’s Handbook provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

In theory, by making the information easily accessible to motorists and cyclists alike, the state could help reduce the number of deadly collisions that occur every year. With more cyclists and e-bikes out on the roads in recent years, the need for these changing safety regulations is higher than ever before.

Of course, there will likely always be those who ignore the law and drive in unsafe manners despite the risk they may create for others. Cyclists need to protect themselves both through adherence to state traffic laws and by asserting their rights if a motorist causes a crash. Staying up to date on how California lawmakers aim to reduce cycling collisions can help cyclists make more informed decisions about their own safety and how to respond after a crash with the assistance of an experienced legal professional.