What are the benefits of designated bike lanes for L.A. cyclists?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

As a cyclist in L.A., you’ll know that the roads in the heart of the city and around the county generally can be really unforgiving when it comes to drivers making way for cyclists. The sheer amount of traffic on the roads and road design inadequacies coupled with the size of the vehicles and often reckless and unpredictable driving behaviors can make biking in Los Angeles a uniquely dangerous experience.

So, are bike lanes the answer? What is it about bike lanes that makes riding on the roads so much safer for cyclists?

They reduce the number of accidents and fatalities

These resources are especially helpful when bike lanes have barriers that define the space as a bike lane and not for use by pedestrians or other road users. This designation gives cyclists a lane to use that is not occupied by anyone else and makes it more difficult for cars or trucks to get in their way.

They make you easier to see as a cyclist

When cyclists have their own designated space, it means that the room they have on the road cannot be lawfully minimized. In fact, it may mean that they have more space than they would ordinarily, which in turn makes them so much easier to see. This can help to stop accidents that frequently occur as a result of car drivers turning into the path of cyclists they haven’t spotted.

They also make the sidewalk safer

As cyclists no longer need to rely on using the sidewalk to stay safe when faced with busy traffic, bike lanes help to ensure that pedestrians can use their own designated space without having to look out for hazards posed by cyclists.

Finding yourself suffering the impact of a collision with a car due to the negligence or recklessness of a driver can result in serious consequences for you as a cyclist. There are laws that protect you and under which you can claim damages for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. If you were riding in a bike lane at the time of your crash, this will likely serve as strong evidence that the motorist involved in your crash was in the wrong.