5 ways cyclists can protect themselves 

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Perhaps you wake up every morning for an early bike ride or you enjoy the cool air as the day comes to an end. Not only is riding a bike beneficial for your health but you can cut out all the traffic and save on gas if you ride to work. Riding your bike on the road at any time of the day can be dangerous, particularly in the city.

To ensure you’re making the right decision and staying safe, you should consider the following:

1. Wear a helmet

State laws don’t mandate helmets if you’re above 18 years of age and many people don’t want to wear them since they feel clunky and they have to carry them around. However, it may be in your best interest to wear a helmet even if you don’t prefer one. In an accident, a plastic helmet can absorb shock and reduce injuries. 

2. Replace old helmets

If you are in an accident or you find your helmet is damaged, you should consider replacing it before going on your next ride. Bike helmets are often only supposed to be used until they’re damaged. Once a helmet sustains any harm, then it won’t be as effective if there’s another accident.

3. Use reflective tape and lights

Many bikes are made with reflective lights. These lights help drivers spot people on bikes and avoid them on the road. However, one light in the front and back may not be enough, and you may need to consider installing another or applying some reflective tape to the frame.

4. Observe traffic laws

Bikers must follow Los Angeles traffic laws, even if that means riding alongside aggressive and nonobservant drivers. What this means is that bikers have to ride with the flow of traffic and obey lights and signs. By doing so, bikers reduce the likelihood of suffering an accident with a vehicle — and they protect themselves from any kind of “victim blaming” when there is a wreck.

5. Understand your legal rights

Following traffic laws and wearing the right equipment is only half the battle when it comes to staying safe on a bike. You may also need an understanding of their legal rights to ensure you relieve the right compensation if you’ve suffered injuries in an accident.