Why is there limited healing for brain injuries?

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As any doctor will tell you, all injuries do not heal in the same way. In fact, there are some injuries for which complete healing may be impossible. Treatments are always getting better, especially as technology improves, but that doesn’t mean doctors can address everything. 

The brain specifically is a bit of a tricky area for medical professionals. Healing is sometimes possible, but not always, and it is almost never guaranteed. There are some cases where people will see progress and make some level of recovery, but they will never fully recover to where they were before the accident. Why does something like this happen?

Lack of regenerative capabilities

The reason for this is that brain cells lack the regenerative capabilities that are contained in other cells. A broken bone or a cut on your skin can heal when the cells that you have replicate and create new cells. These are used in healing. Scar tissue is another type of tissue that can develop to help an area mend itself over time.

However, most neural cells do not have this ability, so the number of these cells that you have is largely finite from the time you are born. If these are damaged or lost in an accident, your body may not have any way to create new ones to replace them. Your brain can seek out new pathways and neural connections, and this often leads to some level of healing, but 100% healing is not a guarantee.

Have you been injured?

Even with helmets, brain injuries are common when cyclists are struck by negligent drivers. If you have suffered a serious brain injury, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your medical bills.