L.A. secures major funds for projects including bike routes

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Both the state of California and the City of Los Angeles have committed millions to making roads safer for cyclists. These investments can potentially save lives and limit the harm that traffic collisions cause the economy.

Any time that bicyclists have to share space with those in motor vehicles, they are at significant risk of injury and possibly death. Helmets and visibility gear can only go so far to protect those on bicycles. Proper municipal infrastructure is necessary to limit the likelihood of cyclists ending up hurt on the road.

Los Angeles recently received roughly $200 million from the state for transportation projects, some of which will go to facilitate better bike transportation options.

What projects will the city undertake?

There will be six transportation projects making use of that $200 million. One of the projects involves installing bikeways, bike lockers, charging stations for e-bikes and hydration stations in the Skid Row neighborhood. These developments will make it easier for residents to reach nearby schools, parks and employers.

There’s also a project with a budget of over $42 million on Osborne Street to help make the Hansen Dam Recreation Area more accessible. There will also be a project near the Port of Los Angeles in the Wilmington area that will install bike and pedestrian facilities as well as municipal improvements meant to make the area more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The completion of these projects and other infrastructure intended to protect cyclists will potentially help keep people on bikes safer throughout Los Angeles.

Construction comes with its own risks

While the ultimate results of certain road construction projects will be safer transportation options for cyclists and pedestrians, there will be a time in the interim when there are not adequate facilities for cyclists, and there may also be traffic congestion or detours that endanger them.

Cyclists in the Greater Los Angeles area should never take for granted that they will be safe even when traveling in areas with infrastructure especially created for the safety of cyclists. Tracking projects to keep cyclists safer and improve Los Angeles roads could help you reduce your chances of experiencing a cycling collision on your next ride.