What happens if a rideshare passenger doors a cyclist?

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Dooring incidents can be absolutely catastrophic for the cyclists involved. Someone in a motor vehicle who has not paid proper attention to their surroundings may open one of the doors of the vehicle into traffic. If the cyclist does not have time to respond or space to veer to the left, they may strike the door, suffering blunt force trauma or getting thrown out into the road.

Dooring incidents may sometimes lead to criminal charges or at least personal injury claims. In addition to an insurance claim, a cyclist hurt by a dooring could theoretically pursue a civil lawsuit against the person who opened the door into traffic in many cases.

What if the dooring occurred as a passenger exited a rideshare vehicle?

There is court precedent on this specific safety issue

Not that long ago, both rideshare collisions and dooring incidents were once very niche concerns, but they have both become more mainstream. Earlier this year, the courts ruled on rideshare incidents where someone opens their door into traffic. While the passenger may be the one who opened the door, it is the responsibility of the rideshare driver to ensure that their passengers are safe and comply with all local traffic laws.

The affected cyclist could potentially pursue an insurance claim against the rideshare company’s policy, which will be larger than the standard insurance coverage most individual drivers carry. Such claims may lead to more compensation than a claim brought against an individual passenger, who may or may not have any sort of motor vehicle liability insurance.

Cyclists often need support connecting with appropriate compensation

The injuries a cyclist could suffer in a dooring incident could leave them hospitalized for weeks and coping with reduced earning potential for months or the rest of their life. The large claim that results will likely provoke a strong response from the rideshare company and their insurance provider.

You may face a lowball settlement offer or similar insurance tactics intended to push you into accepting less than you deserve. Individuals who need compensation following a cycling injury often require support when negotiating with insurance providers or reviewing their options for compensation in civil court.

Understanding the rules that apply to different kinds of cycling crashes can help you get the compensation you require.