What can be done to make city streets safe for cyclists?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Cycling is fast gaining popularity across the country, perhaps fuelled by recent global developments. Cities like Los Angeles have seen a significant surge in the number of cyclists, and the numbers are bound to rise, given the increasing popularity of the mode of transport.

However, the unexpected and exponential rise in the number of cyclists presents a real headache to road safety experts and policymakers. How can city streets be designed to keep the rising number of cyclists safe? Here are some of the ways this can be achieved.

Ensure temporary bike lanes are safe and efficient

City roads were not designed with the current number of cyclists in mind, but an ingenious way of resolving this is by using pop-up bike lanes. Here, a portion of the road is temporarily converted into a cycling lane.

While they may offer a much-needed solution in the short term, pop-up bike lanes need to be developed to the highest safety standards. Cyclists must be effectively separated from motorists to prevent accidents between them.

Have bike lanes in car-free zones

Car-free zones provide cyclists with a safe and conducive environment for cycling. However, due to the increased number of cyclists, it is advisable to have bike lanes in these areas. They could minimize the risk of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.

Lowering speeds in certain city streets

Low-speed zones in certain streets can save lives. Speeds should be capped in high-density mixed-use streets, residential or school areas with a high risk of bicycle accidents.

Protecting your rights in a bicycle accident

Despite the safety measures that may be in place, accidents still happen due to negligent drivers or riders. Therefore, you should be prepared to take action against such negligence at all times.

You may be entitled to compensation which will go a long way in meeting the cost of treatment, lost wages and other damages you may suffer from an unexpected accident.