High gas prices could lead to an increase in cycling

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

There are many people who embrace cycling regardless of gas prices. They’re not doing it to save money. They’re doing it because they love riding and/or because they want to stay in shape. This is a hobby that they enjoy and they’re going to do it no matter what.

However, gas prices have risen dramatically over the last few months. It is natural that there are people who are considering whether riding a bicycle is a good idea so that they can try to save money. They may just be waiting for prices to come down in the future when they’ll return to the car. Or they may be changing their relationship with cars and deciding to cycle much more often.

Drivers may not be pleased

One thing to note about this change is that some drivers may be frustrated to see more bicycles on the road. Drivers often complain about having to share the road, even though both groups fully have a right to use it, and this could lead to more aggressive driving or conflicts between cyclists and drivers.

An increase in cycling also means that there are going to be more inexperienced riders on the road. This may not mean that they make mistakes, but they may be cautious and deliberate with everything that they do. This can further slow them down, which may cause an accident when drivers try to make unsafe passes or other aggressive maneuvers.

If you’ve decided to get into cycling, you certainly do not deserve this treatment from drivers, but it’s important to consider why and how it happens. If you get injured in an accident that one of them causes, then you need to know about your options to seek financial compensation.