5 important guidelines for driving with cyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Drivers have large vehicles that could easily injure someone using a bicycle. These vehicles are heavy enough to run down a cyclist, push them off the road or stop them in their tracks just by opening a door into their path.

As drivers learn to drive safely around cyclists, there are a few things they need to do to make sure cyclists get to their destinations safely without a crash. Here are five guidelines all drivers need to follow.

  1. Always look before making a right turn

Before making a right-hand turn, drivers need to check their mirrors and blind spots. It’s too easy for a cyclist to be in a bike lane but for the driver not to see them. Turning right could effectively cu off their path and lead to a bike crash.

  1. Adjust to the slower pace

Sometimes, cyclists share the lane. As a driver, it can be easy to get frustrated and want to get around the cyclist. Instead, consider slowing down. Most cyclists won’t be in the lane for long, and giving them space is safer than trying to pass.

  1. Keep in mind a cyclist’s vulnerability

If you hit a cyclist, you’re going to do damage. Keep that in mind, so you are cautious when you approach, go around them or open your doors.

  1. Don’t open your door without looking

Any time you get out of your vehicle, you should look into the lane before opening your doors. Doing this could help you avoid opening the door into the path of a cyclist.

  1. Be careful when turning left

It’s often easy to see oncoming cars and trucks, but oncoming bicycles could be more difficult to notice. Look for bikes, and be prepared to yield. Remember that bicycles can often travel at higher speeds (especially when motorized) and may not be able to stop quickly.

These are five guidelines you should follow if you want to drive safely around cyclists. Cyclists have a right to share the road with you, and they deserve respect as they travel. If you are also a cyclist, remember that drivers do need to respect your right to the road and can be held accountable if they hit you.