Who’s at fault for a rented electric bike incident?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

You may have noticed tons of people riding electric bikes recently. You may even find rentable bikes at nearly every street corner. Whether it’s because people are being eco-friendly, gas prices are too high or they’re trying to stay fit — these easily obtainable bikes are at your disposal. 

It doesn’t take a lot to rent these e-bikes. There’s no training needed, they’re readily charged and you can rent one for a small price. But just because these bikes are easily accessible doesn’t make them entirely safe. An accident on one of these bikes could mean serious or permanent injuries. 

Why can e-bikes be hazardous?

These bikes are relatively new, so drivers don’t always know how to act around them. A reckless driver may suddenly crash into you without warning. So if you’ve found yourself in an accident while riding an e-bike, you should know who’s at fault for your injuries: 

California is an ‘at fault’ state 

Each state has its own rules that determine who’s at fault for an accident. California considers auto accidents as fault-based. This means that you may be compensated for your injuries if you can show the driver who hit you was negligent of their surroundings. Since California is also a “pure comparative fault” state, you can claim compensation for some of your losses even if you made a mistake that contributed to the crash — even if the insurance company implies otherwise.

If you’ve recently been injured by a motor vehicle while riding an e-bike, then you should seek experienced legal help to make sure that your rights are protected.