How effective has the Los Angeles Vision Zero Action Plan been?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Legislation |

In 2015, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti launched the Vision Zero program. The main objective is to eliminate traffic fatalities on the city streets by 2025. Seven years later, has the plan been successful in achieving its goals?

Given that there are still a couple of years left on the program, the jury is still out there. However, the situation does not look so good at the moment. Here is why.

Los Angeles accident statistics

Fatalities and injuries caused by motorists are still on the rise despite the plan. Data from the Los Angeles Police Department paints a grim picture of the safety of motorists and other road users in the city streets, with close to 300 fatalities reported in 2021 alone.

Cyclists and pedestrians are not having it easy on the city streets either. Collisions resulting in severe injuries and fatalities are also increasing.

Why is this so?

While it has long been argued that the program is underfunded and given low priority by the authorities, human error remains the leading cause of accidents across the city. 

Distracted driving, speeding and recklessness have all stood out among the major reasons behind most of these crashes.

Staying safe on the road

Most likely, policymakers are crafting another program or campaign to deal with this menace. However, it is crucial to note that road safety starts with you and me. Every road user should be aware that they are responsible for their safety and that of others.

Negligent drivers ought to be held accountable for their actions, and going by the current state of affairs, it is crucial to be prepared for anything whenever you are on Los Angeles roads. You never know when you will be part of the statistics.