Be aware of these 4 dangers of electric bikes

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Cyclists know that they need to follow traffic rules and wear a helmet, for example, to keep themselves safe. Often, it’s of no fault of their own that they’re involved in a crash or are hurt while riding.

To get to your destination more quickly, you may recently have purchased an electric bike or hybrid. If you have, there are some additional dangers that you should be aware of, so you can keep yourself safe when you ride.

  1. Remember that speed is now working against you

On a motorized bike, speed is working against you if you get involved in a crash. Even if the crash is no fault of your own, the fact that you’re going more quickly than you would have been on your pedal bicycle means that you could be at risk of more serious injuries.

Wearing a helmet and padded riding gear may help protect you more than riding in casual clothing.

  1. Components of the bike may not respond well to speed

Another issue that some cyclists run into is that their tires or wheels may not be prepared for you to travel as quickly as you go. If an electric bike is designed to go up to 30 mph, going 30 mph and then heading downhill may make it more likely that you’ll crash or have a harder time stopping.

  1. Other drivers may overestimate you

The next possible problem is that other drivers may overestimate your ability to speed up, slow down quickly or maneuver. While you have many of the same abilities as a pedal cyclist, you will need more time to stop than when riding a traditional bicycle. If you’re cut off in traffic, trying to maneuver out of the way could be dangerous, too, due to your speed.

  1. You still don’t have protections against accidents

Like pedal bicycles or motorcycles, you still don’t have protections against injury if you’re hit. With the increased speed at which you can travel, this creates a significant threat.

No matter what kind of bike you ride, you have a right to use the roads as long as you do so safely. If someone hits you, know that you have a right to look into seeking compensation.