Biking at night is fun, but it may increase your accident risk

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Bicycle tips |

For many California bicycling enthusiasts, nothing beats going for a ride at night. The air feels cooler, and the sense of freedom seems deeper than they do during daytime biking.

The bad news is you might have a greater risk of experiencing a bicycle accident when you choose to ride at night. If you think motorists do not notice bicycles during the day, it is easy to imagine that the problem may worsen when it is dark.

How can you reduce your accident risk at night?

As always, responsible biking can lower the risk of a bicycle accident. For example, look out for vehicles and other hazards just as you would when driving a car in the dark. Below, you will find three more risk reduction tips:

  1. Know the bike laws. Those that ride bikes must comply with traffic safety laws. One of these laws mandates that you attach lights to your bicycle or person when riding in the dark. Adding lights and mandatory reflectors reduces your risk of a nighttime bike accident while helping you follow the law.
  2. Choose a familiar route. After the sun goes down is not the best time to explore new territory. There could be unknown obstacles or other hazards that could cause a crash or a mechanical problem. If you must repair your bike or change due to an unseen obstacle, it will leave you even more vulnerable to a bicycle accident when it is dark.
  3. Ensure you are visible. If you are biking for pleasure, opt for well-lit roads to improve the odds of motorists noticing you or your bicycle. Some people prefer to bike on the roadway at night instead of sidewalks or bike paths to improve their visibility further.

It is also wise to familiarize yourself with the legal options available to Los Angeles bicycle accident victims. Doing so ensures you get the compensation you deserve in the wake of your crash.