Do you know California’s bike helmet laws?

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California has a bicycle helmet law that is relatively straightforward. It says that anyone who is riding a bicycle while under 18 to wear a helmet when they are on a street, public bicycle path, trail or bikeway.

The bike helmet laws are specific to help protect those who may be around vehicles or who might accidentally fall and hurt themselves. To break them down, here is more information about the rules for those under 18.

  1. Anyone 18 and under and all passengers under five years of age must wear helmets.
  2. Anyone who is under 18 has to wear a helmet regardless of religious beliefs
  3. Adults must wear helmets when riding at Bidwell Park in Chico, California
  4. There is a $25 fine for riding without a helmet when one is required

The bicycle helmet laws that apply to you will depend on where you are. As you can see above, some cities will have their own specific mandates which are not statewide or national rules. If you are in Los Angeles, the likelihood is that you will not need to wear a helmet if you’re over 18, but it’s not a bad idea to do so.

Why should you opt to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet helps you protect your head in case you fall or crash. If you’re hit by a vehicle, your helmet could make the difference between suffering a severe head injury or being able to avoid one.

Bike helmets are designed in several ways, but all of them offer, at the very least, head and brain protection. Helmets also have the potential to make you more visible on the road and to protect you against the weather.

With a helmet on, you’re taking the first step toward protecting yourself in case of an accident or crash. Without one, your injuries could be much more severe. This simple piece of safety equipment makes a big difference and may save your life.

If you’re hit while on your bike, remember that the at-fault driver may be held responsible if you make a personal injury claim. That compensation may help you cover the care you need to recover.