Choose the right helmet to better protect yourself when riding

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It’s important to wear a helmet when you ride your bike, but do you know which kind is right for you? There are actually around three types of helmets that you can choose from, and each has its own unique benefits.

Wearing the right helmet will help you protect yourself if you happen to fall or get hit. Wearing a helmet that is too loose or not designed for the kind of riding you’re doing could put you at risk of getting hurt despite it.

What kinds of helmets can you choose from?

The three main categories for helmets include:

  • Road bike helmets
  • Mountain bike helmets
  • Recreational bike helmets

Road bike helmets are lightweight and aerodynamic. They’re designed for riders who will be on city streets and on the road.

Mountain bike helmets are heavier and well-ventilated. They offer additional coverage around the rear of the head since the rider is more likely to fall backward than forward.

Recreational bike helmets are usually the cheapest and offer basic protection for a casual rider.

When you choose a helmet, you may want to look at the features each helmet has. You probably want one that has good ventilation to help keep you cool when you ride, for example. Vents also make the helmet lighter, but they could offer less protection.

If you’ll be on the road, you might want to ride with a helmet that has full-face protection. For example, your helmet might come with a chin bar or visor that shields the sun. These are great if you’ll be riding at higher speeds and want to make sure your helmet is secured to your head.

Finally, for riders who will be on the road, mount compatibility could be beneficial. With this, you can snap a camera into place, which allows you to record a crash if it happens.

No helmet is perfect, but they all offer better protection than nothing

While no helmet is likely to prevent all injuries in a crash, any of the above can offer better protection than wearing nothing. Hitting your head at a high speed could lead to an acute brain injury, so take choosing a helmet seriously.