Are urban or rural roads more dangerous for cyclists?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Cyclists are always at risk when there are negligent drivers around. You’ll see them anywhere you choose to ride, from the driver who intentionally tries to cut you off to the distracted driver who swerves into the bike lane to the driver who just seems to be obliviously failing to give you a safe distance while passing.

But is there a statistical difference? Do your risks change depending on where you decide to ride? 

City streets do see the most fatal cycling accidents

Studies have consistently found that urban areas and cities streets are the most dangerous. In 2019, for instance, that’s where a full 78% of cycling deaths took place. The other 22% happened on rural roads that were more secluded. 

One thing that this shows is that even “slow” speeds are still very dangerous for cyclists. A car doesn’t have to be traveling at 60 miles per hour at the time of impact. Someone who is just driving at 25 miles per hour can cause a fatal crash. The lower speed limits in the city tend to help drivers stay safer since they have protection from the car itself, but that doesn’t extend to cyclists. Therefore, the congested streets with their higher traffic levels are much more dangerous. 

Have you been injured?

Of course, where are when you suffer serious injuries doesn’t change the type of medical care you need or the expense that it creates. If a negligent driver hit you on any type of street while you were out riding your bike, just be sure you know how to seek the compensation that you deserve.