State funding to enhance bike safety is on its way to Los Angeles

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The California Transportation Commission (CTC) announced a $1.18 billion investment in the state’s transportation infrastructure on June 29. At least $630 million of those funds stem from the passing of Senate Bill (SB) 1. 

The announcement of the allocation of these funds comes days after CTC announced a $32 million allocation to Los Angeles County transportation projects. The funds are to be used to make upgrades and critical repairs to the state’s bridges and roadways and to increase options for bike riders, among others. 

State officials outlined how the funds will be used to enhance biker safety when announcing the allocation.

How the Union Street Cycle Track Project stand to help

At least $5.6 of the allocated funds will go to funding the Union Street Cycle Project. A portion of the funds will cover the cost of the installation of a bicycle boulevard that connects the bike lanes along Cordova Street and Union Street. Another portion of the funds will pay for the 1.5-mile two-way, protected track along Union Street in Pasadena. It will run from Arroyo Parkway to Hill Avenue. 

How infrastructure projects save bikers lives

Many bike advocates argue that bike lanes are essential because they save lives.

A brief review of bike accident news stories shows that bicyclists often suffer injuries after falling into potholes that haven’t been filled in or flipping over their handlebars after their bike comes upon an uneven or cracked pavement. There are also instances in which bikers have suffered serious injuries or lost their lives after being struck by motorists because there weren’t protected bike lanes for safe travel. The hope is that increased funding of infrastructure will lead to safer traveling for bicyclists. 

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