Could the President’s American Jobs Plan result in infrastructure improvements benefitting bicyclists?

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Most of us have heard about the President’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan, called the American Jobs Plan. The name doesn’t give you the best idea as to what the plan entails, though.

This plan is far-reaching, as it seeks  to both rebuild and extend the country’s infrastructure, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Water resources
  • Broadband
  • Clean energy
  • Transportation options

Many bicycle enthusiasts are hopeful that this plan, in combination with the 2021 Federal Agenda for Active Transportation, will at least partially benefit them and their favorite form of transportation and exercise.

How might the American Jobs Plan impact bicyclists?

Representatives with the advocacy group PeopleForBikes note that Congress and other policymakers continue to sort out how the rollout of this federal legislation will be conducted. There are some promising aspects of the plan that could improve the plight of bicyclists, though.

Bicycling advocates point to the $621 billion that Congress has agreed to allocate for spending on transportation. While it’s likely that a significant amount of those funds could go to traffic congestion or emissions reduction efforts, lawmakers have allocated $20 billion so far to the Safe Streets for All initiative.

The Safe Streets for All initiative aims to introduce public safety programs and also address road safety. Many of these initiatives already form part of vision zero efforts to reduce collision rates and accident-related fatalities. Bike advocates are hopeful that at least a portion of this funding will incorporate additional pedestrian and bike lanes apart from car lanes. They note that this is key to keeping everyone safe.

Bicycling advocates are also hopeful that the $174 billion that the federal government plans to invest in growing accessibility to electric vehicle (EV) chargers to 500,000 across the U.S. will motivate more motorists to purchase electric vehicles and reduce congestion on the road, making our roadways safer for bicyclists.

Why it’s important to keep our roads safe for bicyclists

Riding a bicycle is an excellent form of exercise and is a sound  environmental option. Transportation officials and cities haven’t yet taken the necessary steps to strengthen their infrastructure to make roads safer for cyclists. Some motorists still haven’t mastered how to share the road with bicyclists safely.

These are two reasons why bicyclists still suffer injuries at alarming rates. You may find it helpful to have a legal advocate who understands your plight if you get into a collision with a motorist while biking.