What is fair compensation for catastrophic injuries?

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When a reckless driver strikes a person riding their bicycle, the cyclist has very little to protect them from the hundreds of pounds of metal and glass that hit them. These accidents can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, but those are not all the expenses compensation can cover. Fair compensation for a wreck should cover all consequences that come from an accident, including:

Lost income

The time a victim spends out of work to recover is money out of their pocket for every day they miss work. As bills pile up, lost income can be doubly painful to someone trying to make ends meet after an accident.

Medical expenses

The victims of car accidents know medical expenses are one of the most common factors that compensation covers. While compensation often helps pay the initial medical bills, it should also cover any resulting costs that may arise later on, such as additional surgeries, physical therapy, and any necessary medical equipment or prosthetics.

Loss of bodily function

Paying the costs of medical expenses for bodily recovery does not reflect the total cost of the consequences. Catastrophic injuries can cause a victim to lose the ability to perform their lifelong career, enjoy hobbies and other passions, or even rest in their home without pain. Fair compensation from catastrophic injuries should also reflect the lifelong consequences of those injuries.

Pain and suffering

A victim of an accident and its catastrophic injuries often undergoes indescribable amounts of pain and anguish. This suffering can leave someone with mental scarring that can haunt them for years or a lifetime. Although money can never take away the pain that someone experienced, it does act as a consequence for the person who inflicted the pain.

Secure the compensation you deserve

When someone else is reckless or negligent actions behind the wheel of a car causes you to suffer catastrophic injuries, make sure that you do not settle for the first lowball offer insurance companies may present to you. Let an experienced personal injury attorney help you secure the best possible compensation for the injuries you received.