Protected bike lanes do more than just protect bicyclists

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Benefits of Bicycling |

Protected bicycle lanes are one of the best options for keeping cyclists safe when they’re riding on city streets. Municipalities might wonder if these lanes are truly worth it. From both a practical standpoint and an economic one, all the evidence says that they most assuredly are a good investment for the community.

Bicycle lanes help to keep cyclists safe. They also help to make commercial establishments more accessible to individuals who are riding a bicycle. This can boost sales and make the businesses more noticeable. 

Who utilizes bike lanes and how can they help the local economy?

Many individuals utilize bike lanes, but they are particularly favored by Generation Xers and Millennials. Both groups tend to live near the place where they work and appreciate being able to bicycle to work. Being able to bike to work can also help to reduce the health-related costs that these workers may face because this is a good physical activity and source of exercise.

Companies along the bike trail may realize that their employees are more productive. Being able to bike to work keeps their motivation up. Doing so safely reduces the stress that the employee may face before they even walk through the door. This can indirectly reduce the employment costs of companies that are along the bicycle lanes.

Protected bicycle lanes only work when they’re used properly. Motorists must recognize these lanes and respect the bicyclists in them. When they don’t, crashes that severely injure the bicyclist can occur. If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries while biking because of a negligent driver’s actions, find out what it takes to get the compensation you are due.