Hit-and-run drivers who hit bike riders make the situation worse

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents |

It goes without saying that when a car or truck collides with a person on a bicycle, it’s the rider who gets the worst of it. A bike helmet can help, but it cannot withstand the force of a multi-ton motor vehicle crashing into an otherwise-unprotected rider’s bike or body. Unfortunately, victims of bicycle accidents frequently experience serious injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal damage and broken bones.

As bad as it is when a driver crashes into a bicycle because the driver was acting negligently, things become even worse when the motorist flees the scene. In California, motorists have the legal obligation to stay at the scene of an accident they were involved in if someone was hurt. The victim may need emergency medical attention. They may be unconscious or unable to call 911 themselves. Abandoning someone at a bike accident scene can cause them to die or sustain a permanent disability.

Driver speeds off as victim passes away

In a tragic example of the consequences of a hit-and-run crash, a Florida woman was killed while riding her bicycle on Nov. 27. Police say she was struck around 5 am and that the motorist drove off. A witness who was a friend of the deceased said she later drove past the scene, not realizing who the victim was.

Determining blame after a severe bike accident

Remaining at the scene of a bad bike wreck is the right thing for a motorist to do, but it does not take away the negligent behavior that led to the crash in the first place or the driver’s legal liability for their victim’s medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Furthermore, many bicycle accidents in Los Angeles happen because of a lack of safety measures. These include properly marked and separated bicycle lanes and enforcement of speed limits.