The biggest safety problems for L.A.’s bicycle riders

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As California’s stay-at-home order continues, you have probably found your recreational options in Los Angeles to be pretty limited. Gyms and most team sports leagues are shut down. Hiking trails are still open, but you may be worried that the paths are too crowded to be safe from COVID-19.

That leaves riding your bicycle. Whether you have been a rider for years or just picked up the habit again, bikes have not been this popular in L.A. for a long time. And if you have been riding more lately, whether to commute to work, for exercise, or just for fun, you may have noticed the same things a former city planner has on his rides recently.

Poor road conditions

As the writer noted, many, if not most, of the streets and sidewalks in L.A. are in bad condition. Potholes and cracks may only be minor annoyances for drivers, but if you are riding a bike, these can cause a dangerous accident. Meanwhile, suburbs like Beverly Hills have smooth, well-maintained streets that welcome riders.

Lack of bike-friendly infrastructure

For a city of its size, Los Angeles has not done much to protect riders from bicycle accidents. What bike lanes there are often have not been repainted in years. The stripes and bike logos are faded and hard for drivers to see. As the ex-city planner points out, other West Coast cities like Seattle and Portland make it a priority to maintain a clearly marked network of bike lanes. Something L.A. could easily do also.

Unsafe drivers

Then there are the people driving past in cars, trucks and SUVs. Unfortunately, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers and drunk drivers are all over the streets. They regularly crash into bike riders, force them to wreck, open doors right in front of them, and otherwise cause bikers serious injuries.

Whatever caused your bicycle crash, know your legal options

Every rider should be able to reach their destination safely. But things like road conditions and negligent motorists can catch you in a terrible accident. An experienced personal injury attorney who focuses on representing riders can help you recover compensation.