What dangers do today’s cyclists face?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents |

Throughout the last few years, you may have noticed Los Angeles trying to improve safety for the growing number of cyclists. Like other major cities, through its Vision Zero project, the city has increased the number of bike lanes and tried to create safer roads for you.

But a report released this year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that bicycle deaths are up. In 2018, 857 cyclists died on the road, compared to 618 deaths in 2010. Despite cities trying to improve roads, cyclists still face many dangers. Here are a few reasons cyclist deaths continue to rise:

  • Drivers have more distractions than ever – When drivers get behind the wheel, many have access to a smartphone. This device can let them text, make calls, surf the internet, watch videos and more. When someone driving a large car doesn’t pay attention to the road, a cyclist can be a victim.
  • The size of cars has grown – Americans no longer choose small, economy cars. The majority of vehicle sales are now for sport utility vehicles and light trucks. With larger, heavier cars, cyclists have less room on the road and are subject to more severe accidents.
  • The road has more traffic – With lower gas prices, more and more people choose to drive instead of using carpools or public transportation. But in large cities like Los Angeles, cycling is also up. When more bicycles and vehicles share the already busy roads, the danger of accidents increases.

Whether you hope to save money on gas, want to be more environmentally friendly or enjoy the health benefits of cycling, you want a safe, enjoyable ride. But when the danger of Los Angeles roads increases, your risk of injury or death increases too.